Rudi Natterer

Anna M. Maynard

Contemporary into CI
A dance class that draws from the floor work of contemporary dance and Capoeira in order
become friends with the upside down and let our bodies experience unaccustomed places. A time
to play with movement without the expectation of “making it work” with a partner.

CI “technique”
In the vast universe of CI technique, it’s helpful sometimes to zoom in. In this class, we will
investigate ways of scooping people up, surfing human bodies, rising and falling smoothly and
some of the principles that allow us to do so.


Anna M. Maynard

Rudi Äneas Natterer
I discovered the art form of Contact Improvisation at age 21 during my studies of Philosophy at the
University of Leipzig, and it has since then accompanied me as a partner and teacher, has been
my laboratory of self discovery and way to learn about people.

Currently in my final year of dance training at SEAD, Salzburg, my CI-practice is being informed by
movement techniques like Flying Low and Capoeira as well as somatic practices like Feldenkrais.
Given my background in improvised music, I tend to approach the dance with an emphasis on
listening, perceiving its rhythmicity and seeking clarity in time.

I believe in CI as a playground and learning field just as much as in CI as instant composition and
performative practice. It may thus include the use of voice, speech, gesture or any other forms of

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